Links test page

Posted by mycarda on 10 October 2022

Media links both good and broken

Airline PDF download about a Sitemorse airline offering that is not a broken link.

This country has a bad port.

There is a scheme to this but httB:// is not a valid one.

Never mind not finding the page, this time we cannot even find the web server.

Misdirection and redirection HTTP 302

Advance to Mayfair redirects to a working page.

Dead end redirects to a broken link.

Change at Birmingham redirects to page A that redirects to page B.

The road to nowhere redirects to a blank location

No particular place to go redirects but no information at all, just the 302.

Magic roundabout redirects to page C that redirects to page D that redirects to the first redirect until the browser says the page has a problem.

All the 400s

Bad dog! 400 bad request.

I know you tried to get in but your 401 request was unauthorised.

You have to pay on the door if you want to come in because 402 payment is required.

You can knock but you cannot come in because your 403 is forbidden.

We looked but your 404 was not found.

You might have music and you might have rhythm but that 405 method not allowed.

Behaviour like that 406 is not acceptable.

Your third-party cannot come in because your 407 proxy authorisation is required.

Your call is important to us but the 408 request timed out.

After hours of mediation, we still cannot resolve your 409 conflict.

We chased it for miles, but your 410 is gone.

It costs £10 per metre so your 411 length is required.

You do not qualify for this course because your 412 precondition failed.

The rocked failed to make orbit because the 413 payload was too large.

We have to draw a limit somewhere and your 414 URI was too long.

We cannot publish your website because your 415 is an unsupported media type.

You won't enjoy shooting your guns here because the 416 range is not satifiable.

I expected more of you but your 417 expectation failed.

I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Lift me up and pour me out.

Everyone look over there, whilse I make the coin vanish with my 421 misdirected request.

I don't mind processed food but I object when I discover a 422 unprocessed entity.

Go away! The door to this 423 is locked.

How can I depend on you when you have a 424 failed dependency?

I am not ready and your 425 is too early.

This performs badly because there is a 426 upgrade required.

Lifeless hair? Maybe a 428 precondition required.

Give everyone else a chance greedy! Your 429 has too many requests.

I know this is a big farm but your 431 request header field too large.

Our lawyer advises us your 451 is unavailable for legal reasons.

All the 500s

Prep for surgery to fix the 500 internal server error.