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Posted by mycarda on 03 September 2022

PDF examples that are not manual tests

All WCAG 2.1 PDF techniques are listed. Those that can be tested automatically have links and manual tests have no links.

Also see notes about testing.

PDF1 Applying text alternatives to images with the Alt entry in PDF documents.

PDF2 Creating bookmarks in PDF documents.

PDF3 Ensuring correct tab and reading order in PDF documents.

PDF4 Hiding decorative images with the Artifact tag in PDF documents.

PDF5 Indicating required form controls in PDF forms.

PDF6 Using table elements for table markup in PDF Documents.

PDF7 Performing OCR on a scanned PDF document to provide actual text.

PDF8 Providing definitions for abbreviations via an E entry for a structure element.

PDF9 Providing headings by marking content with heading tags in PDF documents.

PDF10: Providing labels for interactive form controls in PDF documents.

PDF11: Providing links and link text using the Link annotation and the /Link structure element in PDF documents.

PDF12 Providing name, role, value information for form fields in PDF documents.

PDF13 Providing replacement text using the /Alt entry for links in PDF documents.

PDF14 Providing running headers and footers in PDF documents.

PDF15 Providing submit buttons with the submit-form action in PDF forms.

PDF16 Setting the default language using the /Lang entry in the document catalog of a PDF document.

PDF17 Specifying consistent page numbering for PDF documents.

PDF18 Specifying the document title using the Title entry in the document information dictionary of a PDF document.

PDF19 Specifying the language for a passage or phrase with the Lang entry in PDF documents.

PDF20 Using Adobe Acrobat Pro's Table Editor to repair mistagged tables.

PDF21 Using List tags for lists in PDF documents.

PDF22 Indicating when user input falls outside the required format or values in PDF forms.

PDF23 Providing interactive form controls in PDF documents.

A multi-page PDF

This contains a page for each of the previous individual tests.